Striving for Perfection


I’m a perfectionist. There’s no way around it. I like things neat and orderly and I’m ok with that. Only lately, I’ve been having a really hard time keeping things that way. I haven’t been perfect. The last year of my life has been full of personal and professional growth in both my art and […]

Art Journal Page – I am Good


I am a work in progress. I am a living creation. I am not defined by my mistakes. I am good. I’ve been having one of those weeks.. or months.. and I really wanted to take the time to put some of my negative thoughts to rest by

LoveLTR’s Tools: Acrylic Paint


Starting today I am on a total art/craft/book store detox. For the entire month of February, I will not be stepping foot into any of my favorite stores; this means no aimless Michael’s browsing, or Jerry’s Artarama pacing, or Barnes & Noble page-flipping. I want to spend this month really being grateful for the things […]