Art Journal Page – Dream

I’m back with another art journal page video and a quote that I hope inspires you to do something small and creative today to move towards your dream.

So many things are out of our control, but making art is in our control. There is always a small and doable creative something we can do if we are willing to move ahead without a guarantee. We may not be able to work at our art on the level that we wish we could, but we can always do something. When we commit ourselves to the process of art and not to the need to produce a saleable product, we begin to experience they joy of creation.

November 30, The Artist’s Way Every Day by Julia CameronĀ 

Dream - Detail, title

Definitely in love with the faux oxidization look that I was able to achieve.

Dream - Detail, butterfly

I used the same technique here but with different colors and I can’t believe how gorgeous it turned out.

You can view the process video here or on YouTube!