Learning to Walk Again

move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.

This is my one little word for 2015. Last week I was pretty sure that it was going to be ‘Me’, however, coming across Julia Cameron’s Walking In The World and constantly playing Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come helped me choose a more actionable word.

For most of my life, I’ve been barreling full speed ahead. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I want to savor more of the little details and focus on living a life that I enjoy living. I’ve decided that the only way I can do that is walk.

Here are some photos from my first walk on January, 4, 2015. There’s also video clips of a bug, berries, and plants blowing in the wind on my Instagram page.

Did you choose a word this year? If so, what’s your word and how will you be implementing it? If you’ve never heard of the One Little Word project you can learn more about on Ali Edward’s site.