Art Journal – Flip Through


Today I am sharing with you a video flip through of my Art Journal. I started it back in 2012 and I just finished it in December of 2014. (Yes, you read that right.) Like most people, I found blank pages intimidating. So much so, that I pretty much have a collection of partially used […]

Shattered but not Broken


Sometimes I like to carry on like I’m not human. I overwhelm myself and stress until I am incapable of getting things done. That’s how it’s been lately so you can imagine how I felt when I broke this bottle of watercolor. I was distraught, vivid blue liquid spilled all over my table and down […]

In Search of Freedom…


This past monday I ventured out to my Alma matter to have lunch with one of my favorite professors. I had planned to go out to the causeway and snap pictures of the Elizabeth City waterfront, but none of my plans went through. I did, however, wind up finding the ‘freedom’ that I’ve been searching […]