When I look at her I see a woman who is sure of herself. She knows where she is going in life and is only interested in looking forward. I want to be like her when I grow up. Maybe I already am. Today I am going to commit to taking steps to ensure that […]

What I’ve Been Up To


Over the past few months I’ve been doing everything from camping, to gardening, to creating cards and tote bags, as well as diving head first into a new series of  fine art work. There’s definitely way too many pictures to post them all, but here’s an overview. You can see more on Instragram and Flickr What have you […]

Shattered but not Broken


Sometimes I like to carry on like I’m not human. I overwhelm myself and stress until I am incapable of getting things done. That’s how it’s been lately so you can imagine how I felt when I broke this bottle of watercolor. I was distraught, vivid blue liquid spilled all over my table and down […]