It’s Chilly.


The past few weekends have been full of the sights and sounds of spring. Grilled food, gardening, sunshine, laughter, and friends and family. It’s been so relaxing to sit on the back porch surrounded by all sorts of blooming flowers with a glass of iced tea. And then the weather went to poop. Well, not […]

Blinded by the Flowers


Despite being hunched over and sniffly, I’ve completed my illustration/painting/piece Blinded by the Flowers. I watched The Tale of Desperaux and the Hey Arnold movie while painting so it took much longer than it really should have. This image is about being naive and allowing the ‘pretty things’ in life to keep you from seeing […]

Sickness, Health, and Turning 24


This was a rough week. I am recovering from the flu and other sicknesses so unfortunately I have no pictures of me celebrating the New Years. I drank glasses of organic sparkling grape juice and took shots of DayQuil. Aside from that, I created things when I could and was well rested enough to enjoy […]