Blinded by the Flowers


Despite being hunched over and sniffly, I’ve completed my illustration/painting/piece Blinded by the Flowers. I watched The Tale of Desperaux and the Hey Arnold movie while painting so it took much longer than it really should have. This image is about being naive and allowing the ‘pretty things’ in life to keep you from seeing […]

Blinded By the Flowers Progress


After work Thursday I curled up in the corner with my iPad, as per usual, but this time I did more than stalk the blogs follow. I scanned in the partially inked sketch from that morning and used dropbox to access the jpeg on my iPad. I then took it into the Photoshop Touch app […]

Sketching Blinded by the Flowers


I started this illustration the other night, and since I’m currently full of energy I decided to start inking it. The flower is a Camellia which is strongly linked to East Asian culture. There are different variations of the flower and they each have different meanings. The pink camellia flower means longing, the red flower […]